Cold and flu season are here and it's time to bring out the Thieves. Thieves was the very first oil and spray that I used from Young Living. I was introduced to this powerful blend by my very talented acupuncturist, Joanna Resnick at Gentle Heart Acupuncture. I love the way it smells (like Christmas) and fills my house with an amazing aroma that also helps to fight off some germs.


The Thieves line has everything from the potent essential oil, to spray, to even toothpaste! Check out the full line here. I'm looking forward to trying the Thieves lozenges this month (I'll let you know how they are). I throw the Thieves spray (pictured) in my purse to help bring the power of Thieves wherever I go. Give your immune system a boost and give Thieves a try this cold and flu season!


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Young Living Thieves photo, story and ingredients.

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