Aromatherapy is great for kids! It can be used to boost confidence, lift moods and even help them get a good nights sleep. Check out this recipe to make your own aromatherapy sprays.






Step 1: Supplies & Ingredients

You'll need:


  - 2oz Spray Bottles (TIP: use glass because essential oils can eat through plastic)

  - Young Living Essential Oils. You can use whatever blend you like that is safe for

    kids but for example these are the ones I used:

       - HAPPY SPRAY

         6 drops of Young Living Orange essential oil

         6 drops of Young Living Citrus Fresh essential oil


         6 drops of Young Living Peace & Calming essential oil

         8 drops of Young Living Lavender essential oil


         12 drops of Young Living Valor essential oil

         **It's so important to use therapeutic grade essential oils from a company that

         you trust. To learn more about Young Living's commitment to Seed to Seal


  - Witch Hazel

  - Distilled Water





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You'll also want to pick up some STICKERS! And some labels (I bought some chalkboard ones and a chalkboard marker so the writing will stay put).



Step 2: Mix & Match


  - First add the drops of Young Living essential oil into the spray bottles

  - Add 1 teaspoon witch hazel (per 2oz bottle)

  - Fill the rest of the bottle up with distilled water

  - Shake it up!



Step 3: Decorate


  - Go crazy with your kiddo's favorite movie character and fun stickers!







NOTE: Make sure to talk to your kiddos about ONLY using the sprays when an adult is present and NEVER in the face.



Enjoy and have fun!

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